About Us

We are a team of agile craftsmen and artisans breaking the boundaries of latest fashion trends with our creative minds. With the right design and stature, we curate the best quality of clothing ensemble for you. From women’s casual attire to men’s whole wardrobe, we are painting for you the best in the clothing industry.

Established in 2018, with the vision of conquering hearts of millions with our conscious effort to make your wardrobe a complete ensemble of high-quality clothing. Our efficient work force of hundreds is ready to partake the fashion trends and mold them to fit your style. From our casual trends to party wear, we have given you one-stop shopping platforms for all your clothing demands. High in style, low in price. 

From India’s best rural craftsmen’s warehouse designed to fulfil your expectations we bring you home the delights and colors of your clothing ensemble.

For any queries or information, please contact us at +91-784-984-1450 or drop us an email at contact@riarafashion.com. We will make every effort to assist you.